Orange Days on Lemon Street: Acoustic 10-Year Anniversary Edition

Orange Days on Lemon Street: Acoustic 10-Year Anniversary Edition

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Celebrate the tenth year of this classic collection...

To commemorate its tenth anniversary, Lex has re-recorded a new, live-style, solo-acoustic version of the beloved Orange Days on Lemon Street, including three bonus tracks of never-before-heard songs from the Orange Days era.

With fresh takes on delivery, a few updated lyrics, and the wisdom of retrospect, Lex tackles the old favorites as a more mature artist while paying reverent homage to their original, pre-"produced" forms.

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Purchase a digital copy and receive an immediate .AIF (high quality) download of the full-length album upon order completion (also includes mp3s).

Physical copies come in a lovely single-sleeve, with beautiful artwork designed by Ian Hyde, and featuring the signature "keyhole heart" illustration by Jenna LeMieux on the front cover. Purchasers of physical copies will have access to an immediate download of BOTH the Acoustic Anniversary Edition, as well as the original 2008 studio album.

Digital copies include a full color PDF booklet with lyrics and a commemorative foreword by the artist.

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About the original album...

At age 19, budding singer-songwriter LEX LAND was working her way through typical coming-of-age challenges. After being disconnected from her family and heading out on her own, dropping out of college, and losing her first love, her lifelong passion for music began to take shape in the form of confessional songwriting as a coping mechanism. On the few and far between days off from work, she trekked by train and foot between her home terrain of Orange County to Los Angeles to begin tackling recording her first collection of songs – what would, a few years later, become a critically-acclaimed and beloved debut album: Orange Days on Lemon Street. This album is folky, mellow, groovy, and great for fans of thoughtful acoustic pop.

The songs of Orange Days bounce from lighthearted musings on whether a crush is reciprocated to much heavier fare – grappling with insurmountable familial difficulties, the frustration of navigating the world while weighed down by a depressive personality, or wondering whether a person history has deemed unlovable can, in fact, ever be loved at all.

With several songs from this album featured on television shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Private Practice, and One Tree Hill, Lex has acquired die-hard fans with her unusual approach to songwriting and her sometimes brutal honesty. Introspection isn’t always pretty, but it is necessary to grow and heal. Orange Days On Lemon Streetdocuments one dreamy adolescent’s journey into becoming a more complete adult – for better or for worse. Land’s candor lets us breathe a little sigh of relief in that we aren’t all that different when it comes to figuring that out.


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All purchases include an immediate digital download of the album.

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